Ten virtual events myths busted!

The team at Outlook, doing our best impressions of the long-running American TV show ‘Myth Busters’, have been making it easier for businesses to overcome some misconceptions about virtual events. We’ve been helping them think differently about what they can achieve when you bring the slickness of live event production to a virtual audience.

What you need to know about virtual events

  1. They aren’t that scary to organise even if you’ve not done one before
  2. Our clients always tell us they are value for money, and scalable to their budget
  3. They expand your audience capacity and engagement
  4. You can still have breakout sessions
  5. They’re better for sustainability and the environment
  6. You can get a lot more data about your audience interests and interactions
  7. You can still have exhibition stands and sponsors
  8. You can curate bitesize content into themed groups
  9. Your audience can visit and revisit on-demand content when it suits them
  10. Delegates can still chat, network and contribute to the conversation

Of course, there are a lot of possibilities to consider with a virtual event; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. What we do is give you choices, help you understand them, and work with you to deliver a fantastic experience that is both scalable to your budget and modular so your only paying for the functionality you need.

Some real-life examples of why you should think about it

MedTech – Virtual Event

Crossrail – Virtual Event

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