Better value for money, and scalable to your budget

The saying goes ‘adversity breeds innovation’, which is true. But, here at Outlook, we think it also means that we’re all more open to embracing ideas and technologies that may have been around a while but are nonetheless new to you. It’s even more attractive when that adversity also allows you to lower your communications overheads and see better value for money.

A one size fits all approach to events isn’t the way forward. Our hybrid event solution that enables businesses to safely rethink their events at their own speed and minimise risk empowering you to control scalability between fully virtual and fully physical events.

Hybrid events blend the best of both live and virtual event technologies into a single experience. They have shown the unprecedented potential to grow your audience engagement and generate much more insight into their interests and reduce the costs of moving people, equipment, and machinery to the same place at the same time.

This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to shake things up and think differently. For example, if you’re not budgeting for things like a large single venue, travel costs and multiple nights of accommodation, it’s not too hard to either drastically reduce your outgoings (not to mention your carbon emissions) while spending more on curating a memorable event experience.

That means that you can then invest some of that saving in digital technologies, content delivery and delegate experience, which can only make your event more valuable and memorable than ever. This is alongside helping you understand your audience in more detail than you ever thought possible, helping you curate content themes for future communications and events.

Delegates Feedback

If you’re still not sure, we gathered some feedback from delegates of virtual events we have produced recently 95% of those surveyed would recommend the online broadcast for future meetings. Over 90% were satisfied with the technical arrangements, including sound and video quality.

Some real-life examples of why you should think about it

Hybrid events are a cost-effective way to connect with your audience. What to find out more? Get in touch to discover how we can deliver a virtual event for you.