Wellness and well-being

Wellness has become an increasingly important aspect of remote working life and an even more significant part of events, live and virtual. As we move into a post-covid world, brands need to quickly reestablish trust with their audiences and reassure them by offering innovative solutions that work for everyone.

As much as we love live events, we know that it is time spent away from home and loved ones, with often lengthy travel that can affect mental well-being. Audiences desire greater control over their event experience. What better way to do that than by offering them a choice in the way that they feel comfortable to return to live at different paces, and accept that some may never want to return.

Offering solutions that provide unique live experiences alongside options to dial in remotely or from ‘hybrid hubs’ will allow delegates greater flexibility and control. Having this level of flexibility will ultimately make audiences feel more comfortable, safer, and valued.

However, it is not only the ability to choose that’s important. We need to make sure live experiences are worth it. There are many ways that live events can be shaped to help foster and encourage deeper connections, promote healthy living, safely empower wellness, and eliminate ‘death by PowerPoint’. Live experiences need to be just that, an experience.

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