Adversity breeds invention

Hybrid events have become an unprecedented success. Somewhat fringe a year ago, they have shot up the list of marcomms professionals go-to-technologies to deliver their messaging. Those that have implemented it so far have seen a cosmic leap in delegate engagement – seeing more people joining in on the conversation than in a conference room with their colleagues.

Making content accessible

Hybrid events are a proven way to make your content more easily accessible to both a live and virtual audience. By changing your internal or external event to a hybrid model, you can create an event hub where your live and remote audience can visit and revisit content again and again for as long as you want. Retaining focus, attention and engagement, can also be achieved by an online chat room for delegates to have open discussions.

Make content easy to consume

Making your content bite-sized enables you to explain complicated subjects in easy to absorb chunks. These bite-sized chunks can be curated into chapters and themes by indexing which helps your audience digest what they either need to know or have an interest in.

Breakout sessions are a common feature on any event agenda, allowing different groups of colleagues and delegates to discuss topics relevant to their business unit, country or specialist topic and it’s no different for a hybrid event. Combining ‘digital breakout rooms’ with physical breakout rooms allow groups of delegates to personalise and specialise in the information they are sharing.

Most importantly you still have the chance to make it fun, break the tension and minimise the pressure of having to consume the information all at once.

Learn what you can

One advantage of building a hybrid event community is understanding, in unprecedented detail what your audience is consuming and what they aren’t. Using tools like remote voting surveys with live results provide your presenters with immediate feedback from their audience, allowing them to tailor the discussions to suit as well as detailed measurement mechanisms for post-event.

Being agile in communications isn’t just about how quickly you can respond to the changing landscape, it’s also about how quickly you can adapt to the mechanism in which people are consuming the content.

Hybrid events offer an opportunity for businesses to communicate more efficiently, learn more than they ever could before about the interests of their audience and are a cost-effective way to connect with your audience. Get in touch to discover how you could build an engaged community with hybrid events.