How hybrid events can build your audience wellness

Having produced a lot of successful events, the overwhelming feedback from clients working with us, and the delegates attending them, has been how delighted they have been by the ease of their hybrid experience and the level of audience engagement and insight they were able to achieve from it.

They have generated far more interest than they ever expected, bringing together a wider audience without the pressure to take time out of their work and family commitments to travel to an event.

Our clients who have decided to shift to hybrid events generate an average of 30% boost in audience numbers compared to previous years’ live events.

Changing perceptions

The myth that hybrid events are somehow less engaging than fully live events has been well and truly debunked in the minds of those that have experienced them. Using the latest technology, you can make your messages more easily communicated to a remote audience, achieving close to the production value of a large scale live-event.

A new level of understanding

The digital element of a hybrid event gives you an unprecedented level of audience understanding, letting you track their journey from the very first invitation. When combined with the face to face benefits of the live event physical interactions, it gives you more flexibility of what ‘your’ events should look like.

You can get as much detailed reporting as you need, including watching what content, when everyone is tuning in online and what questions they asked.

Our platform also enables delegate driven agendas, which lets the individual vote to choose the sessions they want to see, giving you clear data about the topics they want to engage with.

With that level of intelligence, you can make actionable decisions for content, interest-based campaigns and future event themes.

Some data may also be suitable for public post-event comms, and others beneficial for your organisational team to review engagement and highlight any areas for future progression. This can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and needs.

Some real-life examples of why you should think about it

Hybrid events are a cost-effective way to connect with your audience safely empowers wellness. What to find out more about hybrid events? Get in touch to discover how we can deliver a hybrid event for you.