Don’t just tell a story, show it!

It’s understandable that, to some degree, every brand has a story to share. In our recent blog on storytelling, we explored what makes people connect with a service, idea or product.

But, how can you share your story in an already cluttered communication channel? How do you break through the noise and get people’s attention?

Brand storytelling that your audience cares about

A great way to get ahead of the crowd is to use the skills of an experienced video producer. We spoke with our in-house film team and asked them to share some top tips for better engagement with your content.

Our top 5 ‘show and tell’ secrets.

1. Don’t give the answers away

“One of the early rules you learn as a filmmaker is to not have your characters explain the plot, not to tell the audience the story. Instead, show it through the characters actions.”

2. Respect your audience

“Keep your audience entertained and don’t waste their time. Video marketing is a visual medium, and the viewer is expecting the storyteller to utilise this vehicle to its highest potential. If your audience is not entertained, they won’t give you their attention for very long.”

3. Be authentic

“We are more likely to trust a story we see than a story we are told. We are far more inclined to associate visual information as evidence.”

4. Tell a human story

“Some stories may appear to be a challenge to show and not tell. A great example of a company excelling in overcoming this hurdle is Under Armour with their RULE YOURSELF advertisement featuring Michael Phelps. Instead of telling the story of their product, Under Armour chose to show the inspiring story of an exceptional individual who wanted their product. He uses their product during the activities that are most important to him.”

5. Find the emotion

“In many cases, purchases are emotive choices, and that’s where the power of video excels, captivating audiences with an emotionally authentic hook that makes your audience feel that same inspiration when purchasing your products.”

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If you’re looking to share your story with your audience, get in touch!