Brand storytelling that your audience cares about

What makes people connect with a service, idea or product? It’s all in the story you tell and the way you tell it.

Your brand’s story is more than marketing blurb to catch people’s attention. It should express the very foundation of your company’s culture. It’s a way to inspire, and it’s a way to intrigue, letting your audience grasp your values and why you’re the best choice. Remember: your storytelling is a powerful tool.

How to tell your brand’s story

Whether your story is built around characters or just your commitment to great products and services, it needs to be authentic. When you speak honestly about who you are and what you do, you stimulate the emotions and imagination of your teams and your potential customers.

Think of the high-impact brands such as Through their memorable and long-standing meerkat character campaign, you know their story, their product and their web address. Through engaging, entertaining and shareable character-driven content, connects with their audience.

This is how storytelling makes a difference. It brings people into your world, speaks to their needs and creates space for you to connect.

Getting the right message to the right audience boosts your customer engagement, brand awareness and sales. In practice, that means using multi-format content like video, infographics, animations and direct marketing that all point to a single story. Your values, visual identity and critical messages all need to be consistent throughout your website, advertising and promotional activity to get the best results.

Your brand’s message is important

The best stories tap into people’s emotions and genuinely connect a customer with what the brand stands for. Painting these pictures, and creating personal relationships, builds long-term brand loyalty, returning customers and, ultimately, business growth.

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