The omni-channel approach

The days when consumers completed their buying transactions in one go are long gone!

More people than ever are taking various routes and multiple breaks on their buying journey. It’s not uncommon for a contemporary buying journey to start as a response to an ad in a magazine or in-store, be continued on a smartphone, then on a tablet, before being completed on a desktop computer. This journey may take hours, days, weeks, months or even longer.

The challenge for businesses is to ensure that their customers can make this journey successfully. By providing a seamless user experience that can be accessed quickly, easily and consistently, it’s almost inevitable that customers are going to be encouraged to complete a purchase. Constructing the marketing funnel so that it is adaptable and versatile enough to meet the needs of every one of your target audience, no matter how they access your brand, is known as an omni-channel approach. Read on to discover how an omni-channel approach can be implemented in your business and, how we can help you achieve it!

Omni-channel methods: Customisation is key

Consistency across all portals, both digital and physical, is vital when it comes to marketing. Customers need to be able to switch effortlessly between devices and between print and the virtual world. Here are some ways you can achieve this cross-over approach:

  • Include opt-ins with your physical marketing material, such as QR codes, URLs and email addresses. Social media connections on your advertising help customers find you online as well as on the street or in store
  • Diversify your real-life marketing. Contemporary print doesn’t have to be confined to billboards, magazines, leaflets or posters: printers can superimpose your branding and online information onto everything from water bottles through to T-shirts. Not only can you use these items as attractive prizes for online giveaways, prize draws, and promotional events, but they also provide additional advertising when in use.
  • Personalise what each member of your audience receives, whether it’s an email reminder, a birthday greeting or notice of upcoming discounts on items the consumer has been looking at online. Customising the consumer experience to suit each member of your audience is vital as part of an omni-channel strategy. Records of previous browsing, buying behaviour and brand engagement can help to inform an individualised experience.
  • Relevant content. Fleeting content is on-trend, with many social media stories, promotional events and other interactions having only a limited window of appeal. This means that updates and fresh material need to be both relevant and timely.

The benefits of omni-channel marketing

If done correctly, omni-channel marketing has the potential to reward customers with an accessible, customised experience that’s directly related to their needs at the time. Seamless, relevant, and engaging, the omni-channel consumer adventure has the power not only to drive traffic and enhance conversions but also to build brand loyalty and sustainability. As seasoned omni-channel deliverers, we have the skills and passion for transforming your marketing to meet the needs of a contemporary audience. With decades of collective experience in video, web design, event planning, animation and design, we can:

  • Design and create your suite of marketing products, ensuring synchronicity and seamless movement between virtual and real-life material
  • Ensure that the infrastructure is there to support a comfortable, engaging customer journey
  • Work with you to reduce abandoned carts, ensure previous buyers are aware of relevant special offers and provide assistanceassist in working towards a personalised unique journey for every visitor.
  • Create fresh, exciting content in the form of videos, promos, social media campaigns and more
  • Design innovative events that excite, engage and inspire

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