Taking Your First Steps Into Commissioning Video

In the marketing world, video is hard to ignore. Whether you have been seduced by a smart advertising campaign on TV or have spotted some engaging video content from a competitor, you might now be firmly focused on a video campaign of your own. If you are going to do video, it is worth doing it properly, and that means an ample investment in both funds and time.

In this blog, we run you through some necessary steps to commissioning a video for your marketing campaign:


Get creative

Before your ideas can begin to take shape, you must come up with some ideas in the first place! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need to be a technical genius! Video production and video marketing companies specialise in bringing your ideas to life, so all that is required is some brainstorming among your team and reviewing any relevant customer or market research. Remember that some of the best video campaigns involve thinking outside the box. Will you go for live-action or animation? Do you have a location in mind? Will you need to hire actors? Will it be a TV or digital campaign – or both? These are all questions which will need answering.


Get productive

Once you have decided on which route you want to take, it can help to consult with video production specialists so you can get an idea of the resources required. This could also be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of their experience on elements of the video which you might still not be sure about.


Push it out there!

Once your video is ready and has been signed off by all the appropriate parties, you will need to plan the campaign itself. If it’s for a TV campaign, you will want to think carefully about which channels you use to target the campaign. Is the channel reaching your target audience? What time of day do you want the video ad to be played? How long will the campaign run for? These are decisions which will likely be influenced by your campaign objectives as well as your budget.

If your campaign is mostly internet-focused, you will need to decide how much online advertising or paid search activities the campaign will require. If the video campaign runs through a social media account which is already busy with followers or subscribers, you could choose to run it organically and save on paid advertising costs.


Interaction is key

If your video is hosted on a site such as YouTube, don’t forget the comments section! This is your chance to see feedback from viewers and, in some cases, interact with them; replying to queries and joining in the fun can give your brand a ‘voice’. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make it heard.

Commissioning a video may seem like a complicated process but it really isn’t! By taking the right steps and not neglecting to do your market research, you can produce a video which hits the nail on the head.

If you’re looking to use video in your marcomms, challenge us to bring your vision to life. Get in touch.