Top tips – How To Drive Value From Your Corporate Events, No Matter The Size!

Whether you bring people together to share the senior leadership team’s passion, recognise the success of your people with awards or are launching a new initiative to your customers, scaleable live experiences are still the best way of getting people’s attention and building a feeling of community among stakeholders.

At Outlook, we help our clients capitalise on the opportunities to create and produce memorable live-experiences that deliver a high return on investment, no matter the scale.

Have a look at some examples.

Our Event Producers are experts in driving value from live-experiences, no matter the size, and we’re always happy to share some top tips to help you reach your goals.

1. Sharing the message

Often overlooked in driving value is how the narrative is cascaded beyond the event itself. For our clients, it’s commonplace for delegates to leave empowered and with a feeling that they are fundamental to the business’s success. However, with some technical know-how and some pre-planning, that feeling can go deeper to every part of the organisation.

Nothing conveys the passion and intensity of the message more than the person delivering it in real time, and video capture is the most cost-effective way of doing that.

2. Do it quickly

Marcomms is are under increased pressure to produce valuable and engaging live-experiences in shorter and shorter timescales, so the importance of reliable support becomes even more critical to success.

Stakeholders and the audience expect that communication needs to be quick and effective.

Although using video capture of the event isn’t new, there is a perception that the effort required to get a sharable narrative is time-consuming and expensive. However, Outlook’s Live-Edit service is an inexpensive way of capturing the event and receiving a fully edited version for distribution the same evening.

See for yourself.

Live- Edit

3. Define success

A critical factor in planning a successful event is understanding what success means, how was it successful, and what was the return on investment?

We are big believers in helping our clients set specific goals that will drive decision-making before, during and after the event, and, from our experience, success could be:

  • Direct feedback from staff/stakeholders
  • Employee empowerment
  • Social/media engagement
  • Increased footfall
  • Greater delegate attendance
  • Increase in sales enquiries
  • Better quality networking
  • Boosting brand awareness

Your event strategy will likely have more than one objective, so take a moment to determine which goals you’ll prioritise and drive your decision-making pre-, during and post-event.

4. Get some specialist help

Marcomms professionals are usually magicians, often asked to deliver the near impossible with limited resources. This can be daunting, especially when things don’t go to plan!

Driving value can also mean removing stress and enabling those responsible for the delivery to still do all the other jobs that also need doing.

Having the reassurance of a reliable and experienced event producer that has done it all, who can make it all come together either from the very beginning or even just a safe pair of hands to smooth things over on site.

Take a look at our scaleable events.

5. Leverage technology

There are lots of different techniques you can leverage to drive value for your events. We’ve listed just a few of what you can use:

Event apps

Building specific event apps are becoming more accessible, and there are a lot of options in the market. Ignite Response – is our own pre-packaged solution that can be white-labelled with your branding and helps free-flowing communication to delegates including:

  • Agenda & event info
  • Interactive voting, surveys and quizzes
  • Questions to the facilitator
  • Message the delegates
  • Slides shows
  • Delegate notes
Immersive Experiences

Augmented reality and virtual reality can open new dimensions for delegate interaction. Imagine being able to show to your audience the inside of a building you haven’t even started construction on or demonstrating how a new MedTech product interacts with the human body. Applications are almost limitless.

Talk to us about immersive live-experiences.

Live streaming/Social streaming

Don’t let the value of your event be determined by the size of the venue or the cost of getting people there. Streaming the event presentations to different locations is an excellent way of extending the reach to remote workers in real time.

Check out an example.

Global MedTech Leader – Options & Outcomes 2019

We’re focused on helping you get the most out of every opportunity to engage with people face-to-face. Get in touch to see how we could help you deliver a great live-experience.