The Power of Being a Great Communicator

It seems like an obvious statement, but working in communications doesn’t always make you an expert in every form of communication.

As marketers take on more responsibilities across a wide variety of channels, when you consider that no project is the same and the measures of success change regularly, it can be a tough field to work in.

With the help of a dependable, creative partner, you can leverage the skills you need to be a great communicator across multiple disciplines.


Think about how things have changed since you started out in your career. Then think about what your audience might expect of you now compared to then.

A great communications professional needs a considerable string of skills up their sleeve to keep a brand relevant and engaging.

We’ve seen massive growth in interactive experiences like digital marketing, video, animation and infographics in even the most straightforward campaign. There is a growing awareness that the modern consumer is savvy to all of them, and expects more than they ever have.

So, if you feel that your communications could do with an injection of fresh ideas, we’ve got some guidance.

Here are Outlooks, tips on keeping on top of the game:


Know your stuff

Marketing and communications in the digital age is increasingly a numbers game. By keeping up to date on the latest methods and the different types of success it can bring, you can try and stay ahead of the competition.
However, trying new things takes confidence. By working with an experienced creative partner, they can help you work out what works and what doesn’t before you waste your budget.


Think about the objective

Brilliant communicators create a connection that is real, emotional, and personal. They forge this connection through an understanding of people and an ability to speak directly to their needs in a manner that they are ready to hear.

Working collaboratively with a creative partner can help you focus on the overall objective. It’s their job to suggest innovative ways of getting your message to your audience.


Streamline your content

One recent marketing survey suggested that the leading reason buyers are turned off from B2B vendors is marketers sending them too much irrelevant content. Just because you can add a tool to your arsenal, it doesn’t mean you should.

By working with a creative partner that becomes an extension of your own team, they can help you filter out weak ideas.


Be different

You may have spent months getting your last campaign perfect, that’s not unusual, but was all the tweaking worth all the stress and the delays?

Working with a communications agency that really knows your brand and asks all the right questions at the beginning can make it easy, take the stress away and find a way for your content to stand out from the crowd.

Here at Outlook, we’ve built a multi-talented team that can approach your communications challenges. We’re proud to have already supported so many brilliant marcomms professionals in achieving their goals.

Don’t waste your time stressing about your next project, challenge us to show you how we could add value to your next communications project.