5 immersive video trends you need to know

If you are looking to grow your brand significantly in 2018 and beyond, finding unique ways to engage with your target audience will help you get there. A video is one of the most effective ways to do exactly this.

Check out our top 5 immersive video trends you need to know.

1. Video in web design

Integrating video into your web design process has long been an effective way to help increase sales. Visitors remain around two minutes longer on a site that contains videos and customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video.

But remember: it’s important to use video in a tasteful way and not one that takes away from the user experience. For example, background videos on a landing page can be highly effective, so long as they don’t make text hard to read or cause the page to load slowly.

Check out this example from LG.

2. Live streaming and editing

Live streaming and Live Edit have dramatically altered the way in which you, as a business, can communicate with your audience. You are able to begin and maintain meaningful discussions by integrating video into your communications plan. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. Rather than producing a video and waiting days or weeks to get the final edit to opt for a solution which can allow you to communicate through high quality, fully-edited video, as quickly as you need it.

Check out what one of our happy clients think about Live Edit.

3. Personalisation

Did you know that personalised videos could help you to increase email conversions by up to 500%? Well, video personalisation is so effective it allows you to mass-market your brand and provide a tailored message. Personalisation can include things like your company name, logo and even an individual’s name. Looking for inspiration?

Check out this incredible example from Barclays.

4. Adding depth to your product videos

Rather than simply promoting your company and your product, you should always be looking to add value. By helping people use your products in the right way, you can foster greater brand equity and become an authority in your market.

Take a look at this example from Vertform. Their high-quality explainer video demonstrates how a very specific, niche product works and how it can benefit someone in the construction industry. At the same time, it promotes Vertform as an expert in this arena.

5. Merging videos with infographics

Finally, one of the most immersive video trends you should be aware of in 2018 is merging videos with infographics. Infographics have long been an effective way to enhance your brand’s visibility, but it is quickly becoming a dated marketing tactic. Instead, by turning your graphics into videos, you can take existing infographic content and make it far more engaging.

Just check out this awesome example for G-Park Biggleswade.

Here at Outlook, we are proud of our ability to tap into emerging video trends. We know what customers love and we know how to build and share videos that properly immerse your target audience in your brand. We utilise all of the five trends above and are always on the lookout for new companies to help support and grow. To find out more, and to see if we are the right fit for your brand, contact our friendly team today.