Hero, Hub, Help – The three H’s of your content marketing strategy

Whether it’s for an internal or external audience, we want our message to be engaging, easily understood and effective.

For a brand that isn’t already using a multi-tiered content strategy, it can be an uneasy gamble to try something new. But we’re going to show you how to stop worrying about creating the next big viral hit in favour of building long-term loyalty from your target group.

Today, content strategy is less about isolated campaigns and more about creating ongoing content so your audience comes to rely on you.

The Hero, Hub, Help strategy was developed by YouTube strategists as part of their brand playbook for video creators. It emerged from analysis on viewership, engagement data and what people search for and watch.

This approach can work way beyond YouTube videos and should be extended to your whole strategy. Hero, Hub, Help puts all of your online and offline content and marketing into three channels – each with its own different style and purpose.

Be the Hero

Hero content makes an emotional or inspirational connection with the audience through storytelling. Often highly creative, these are wide-ranging drivers of awareness in the form of viral videos, Super Bowl commercials and TV campaigns.

Its purpose is to drive further interaction and build ongoing engagement.

Become the Hub

Hub content is the regular content you deliver via targeted email, paid social campaigns and all the other direct channels. It works best if you can deliver ongoing connected content that keeps people coming back to you.

Create messaging focused on different target audiences. Becoming the recognised thought leader is a great way to get your brand well-known.

Be Helpful

Help content is how you support your audience. It can include things like tutorials, how-to guides and product-specific information.

This content goes into the detail and supplies answers to consumers’ questions about your products or services. It can even be more experiential like a customer event or social live stream – it just depends on the audience’s needs.

Why use Hero, Hub, Help content

Linear strategies have had their day. Your audience is now less likely to follow a set journey. They could come across your how-to guides before they see your Hero content.

Before launching your Hero, Hub, Help strategy, do as much research as possible and be clear on what fits where. That includes your target audiences, distribution channels, calls to action, the metrics of success and the desired return on investment.

If you’re interested in making your content strategy multi-tiered and multidirectional, we can help (and hero and hub!). Get in touch to start the conversation.