Earth day: The future of sustainable events

Sustainability within the events programme has always been a hot topic for environmentally conscious brands and specialist event producers, just like Outlook.

Collectively we’ve spent years thinking up increasingly innovative ways to push incremental improvements that support our clients in their efforts to lessen the carbon footprint from travel, energy consumption, stand build and single-use materials, to name a few. The balancing act that we that pride in our ability in is ensuring that those changes do not compromise on the delegates experience or the events success metrics.

The last year has shown us that now we have an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the future makeup of your events; let’s shake things up and do things differently. With the right expert advice and support, you can, with confidence, reimagine your events programme in a scalable and personalised way.

The impact

Unsurprisingly, there hasn’t really been much in terms of live events, resulting in an estimated 99% reduction in event-related emissions.

When you consider that an entirely virtual exhibition will create less than 1% of the carbon emissions of its physical counterpart, it is easy to understand why virtual elements are here to stay.

We’ve helped many brands turn this uncertainty into a CSR victory; Outlook has channelled their social conscious objectives and empowered their role in creating a carbon-neutral world by leveraging virtual events to strengthen our sustainable future.

76% of event planners will include hybrid elements in their 2021 plans.

Mixed events can offer greater levels of engagement and interactivity while massively reducing your carbon footprint.

We are vehement believers in the power of live events. They will always have their place as there are some elements a virtual event just cannot replicate. Still, as the sustainability targets of companies are only going to increase, we believe the choice and scalability of a hybrid model can become a part of that narrative for the long haul, giving brands the best of both without compromises.