Get Your Marketing Animated

The goal of all marketing is to engage, captivate, and motivate the core audience. One of the most consistently effective methods of doing that is through animation – millions of people around the world watch animated marketing videos every single day. The reason companies continue to invest in them is because they work exceptionally well.

The different forms of animation

Animation is a broad term and covers various different styles. This is the same with animated marketing videos, which can take a variety of forms depending on your circumstances, preferences, and what you seek to achieve.

Understanding different common types of animation can help you to decide which is going to best speak to your audience, and resonate with both your core brand and what you’re looking to advertise. Choosing the right form of animation is the first step to a successful campaign.


Animation’s enduring popularity

People enjoy visual marketing, and animations are no exception to this statement.

It’s always the case that the public doesn’t respond well to being marketed to in a blunt and inelegant way. When something “feels” like an advert, customers are often resistant to engage with it – it smacks too much of “buy this, buy this now!”. Animation, on the other hand, seems to consistently be more warmly received.

There’s something to be said for the fact that, even though animation is a popular marketing technique, it never feels like a traditional advert. Which, some could argue, contributes to its effectiveness. Animated adverts are often viewed as something a bit different from the norm – which helps differentiate them from a crowd of competition.


Achieving your ambitions

Animation is a gateway to exploring some complicated ideas but in the most accessible way possible; it’s an excellent way to break down complex products, services, or messages to an audience – allowing them to retain much more than they might with more traditional marketing.

Grand settings, complex characters, and outlandish scenarios can be both time-consuming and expensive to film in more traditional ways. Building sets, costume changes, dealing with the weather and logistics – these are all headaches that are completely circumvented by animated marketing.

Animated videos also don’t go out of date as quickly as more traditional marketing videos. Clothing, technology, and settings can all start to date very rapidly where live-action is concerned. This isn’t true for animation, which means you get a much longer-term yield out of your investment. Animation can also cross borders for a global audience, where other forms of marketing can’t.


Investing in animated marketing

Investing in animated marketing is always a bright move for businesses that are looking to make a dynamic impact with audiences. It continues to grow in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.

If you’re looking to get your marketing animated, challenge us to bring your vision to life.