The 6 Top Benefits of Experiential Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

Experiential marketing is a growing trend and one that we expect to dominate 2019.

We have already helped clients across Europe to develop experiential marketing campaigns and wanted to help share the message about the benefits on offer. So, here’s what to expect from adopting experiential marketing into your plan for this year.


It’s a great way to gain free publicity

Experiential marketing campaigns, such as the E4 Udderbelly are magnets for media attention. They are so easy to write about and have the potential to go viral all around the world. In turn, your customer impressions can soar through the roof if you can capitalise on viral potential.


It allows customers to understand your products in a more profound way

Experiential marketing is all about immersing your customer audience in your product. Rather than merely reading about you online, they can discover your products up close and personal, allowing them to learn more about them and understand what makes them so unique.


It gives customers a desire to learn more

Experiential marketing campaigns are exciting and tantalising, so draw in potential customers far more easily than typical marketing campaigns. No longer do you feel like you are trying to hawk an undesirable product when customers are literally coming to you.


Your marketing message becomes more memorable

People still talk about brash marketing efforts like the E4 Udderbelly, despite it taking place more than a decade ago. Whereas typical marketing messages are often forgotten with a matter of days, or even hours.


It allows you to tap into new technologies

New technologies excite people, and you can weave them into your experience. Tools like VR allow customers to then experience your products without needing to even have them in the room. This is what Game of Thrones did with their Ascend The Wall VR experience back in 2014, which then created tremendous buzz and excitement for their upcoming season.


Higher ROI

A more memorable marketing message, higher customer turnout and better engagement all lead to one thing… more sales! Meaning that experiential marketing ultimately has the potential to lead to higher ROI compared to typical marketing methods.


5 top tips to for designing your own experiential marketing campaign

1. Make use of modern technologies – By utilising new techniques that most individuals have never experienced, you are aligning your brand with the future, allowing your message to be far more memorable.

2. Be realistic with your budget – Experiential marketing can be expensive, so expect this. It’s best to set a rough budget early on and then keep a close eye on it

3. Is a fixed or flexible location best for you? – If customers are unlikely to come to you, then take your message to them by using a touring bus for your experience!

4. Really think outside the box – The brasher your marketing efforts, the easier it is to for them to become shareable and to go viral on social media

5. Work with a creative agency – They know what they’re doing, so can help you to develop a more creative plan and to maximise ROI


Here at The Outlook Creative Group, we have worked with some big name brands looking to create memorable experiential marketing campaigns. Take a look at our Touring Bus case study which allowed us to showcase very niche, specialist products to companies all across the country. Combining new technologies and a flexible environment, our client was able to take their message to where it matters most.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you with experiential marketing.