Clas Ohlson social engagement – Case study

Clas Ohlson are a Swedish retail group with over 200 stores across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and now the UK, where they are establishing a growing brand presence.

After reading our blog on Boosting social engagement with great video, they asked for our help with a special celebration. It was clear from our early conversations that they wanted to capitalise on what they had already arranged in Richmond Market Square to mark their centenary.

A brrr…illiant idea – which involved the Ice Hotel in Sweden shipping a block of ice full of in-store products from Clas Ohlson’s’ homeland to the UK!

We knew from the get-go that such a fun, visual and public challenge would get their audience interested and competing in the sunshine.

The media team had so many inciteful messages to share, they made it clear that the brand is fun and family-fuelled with solutions for simplifying everyday life for their customers.

For us, the challenge was to focus these brand messages into responsive, short-form content, posted throughout the day.

We felt it was important to complement the live event; rather than produce a retrospective piece. All content was kept under 60 seconds to maximise engagement across different social platforms. Drawing people’s attention to the generous in-store and online discounts available ‘TODAY!’

Having an onsite editor cutting footage in-line with the stories they wanted to tell contributed significantly to the success of the day. Before finishing with a more reflective piece from the in-store team reminding Clas Ohlson’s’ social audience – the ice might be in pieces, but the store still has plenty to offer!

By the days’ end, they had plenty of content for their social strategy.

With unprecedented Facebook and Instagram engagement, the event has been one of their most successful so far.

Working collaboratively on this project was great fun, it’s a reminder of how social video content is at its most powerful when the messaging is kept simple and experiential; be it an offer to share with your community or a refreshing slice of Sweden!

‘We knew we wanted to do something really spectacular to celebrate our 100th birthday and you can’t get much cooler than shipping an ice block from Sweden! We reached out to the Outlook Creative team to help us capture the day’s activities and customer reactions, so that we had some great content to share both on the day itself and in the following weeks. We literally couldn’t have asked for better support, the team were fantastic and we really couldn’t have done it without them!’
Natalie Tovey – Clas Ohlsons’ Media Manager