Speed and flexibility with on-demand video capture

Delivering the right communication at the right time isn’t always easy. It takes careful planning and expert execution to share your message while it’s still relevant. 

Whether it’s enhancing a live audience event or part of how you respond in a crisis, our new cost-effective on-demand video service captures and distributes your content quickly and securely, no matter where your wider community are.

Create engagement and authenticity

Video helps to bring energy and honesty to your communications. Through existing distribution channels, your videos can be instantly accessible to employees or your external audience on all their devices and are perfect for saving in a shared location for repeat viewing.

  • Creatively explain internal announcements and changes in company structure or direction to increase awareness and feeling of engagement and inclusion.
  • Share interviews with CEOs and senior management on corporate policies, financial performance and crisis management.
  • Learning and development teams can take full advantage of video with inductions for new starters, full progression training programmes and refresher courses.
  • Increase team morale with peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, weekly team updates and company events highlights.
  • Maximise your investment in your live event by extending the shelf life of your content.
  • Next-day or same-day edits mean messaging can be circulated quickly to change.
  • Share multiple optimised edits for greater social engagement, including highlight videos, full presentations and audience interviews.
  • Give us direct feedback during the event filming and editing.
  • Generate event hype online and on location before and during the event.

Live stream and share your content with any phone, tablet or remote location. Get in touch to find out how you can incorporate video into your communications strategy.