Give your L&D team the digital edge with video and animation

The way we learn, and the way your business operates, is changing. New technologies are transforming the corporate world, and learning and development opportunities are riding the front of that wave.

Engagement with training and internal communications is tough to measure within large and complex businesses especially when they have workforces that are remote or work non-standard hours.

Using video and animation is a cost-effective strategy. It improves employee satisfaction, reduces employee churn, and communicates important leadership and brand messaging measurably. It creates a dialogue between executives and employees that wouldn’t otherwise communicate directly. Whether it’s a live video keynote address or regular recording announcements on a company intranet video portal, it’s achievable as part of an executive’s daily schedule.

And the beauty of the format is that this connection is more than just the (potentially) dry corporate exchange. Video conveys passion and perspective, especially when delivered live.

Face-to-face communication breeds business success

There’s something about talking face-to-face that keeps business and its employees moving. Where leaders would once communicate their message in emails (due to the size and availability of their workforce), they now can reach out face-to-face through video, no matter how or where their workforce operates.

When employees feel like they are involved in the business, they work for, and that senior managers take the time to connect with them, engagement and productivity improves. Video communicates the essential elements of how we present ourselves to others: body language, authenticity and passion. Learning and development executives grabbing these opportunities have a unique chance to create a personal, meaningful dialogue with their workforce.

Employees can get involved in producing content

As a learning tool, the potential of video is almost limitless. Many businesses collect their learning materials from a variety of sources, using how-to videos, images or links to online content as part of their usual processes. These can be made available both on-site and via mobile devices so everyone can access it.

It also brings vast employee engagement opportunities. Some companies find success in having staff themselves produce this type of content, which has a double benefit for smart people managers. Employees that feel important and connected to a business will give a more significant contribution. And using in-house skills in this way can also be a smart way to manage your budget.

Video use in the corporate sphere will continue to grow

Wherever you sit along the pathway to video-based learning and business communication, there is always more your company can do to contribute to the success of all of its employees.

We have a thorough understanding and a wealth of experience in delivering internal comms. Our experienced and talented team will work with you to develop your learning and development video content to maximise your messages.

Video as a business tool is on the rise. Are you ready to get on board?