How to close a tender pitch

You’ve done the paperwork and the stage is set. Your carefully constructed tender is ready for consideration by your potential new customer. There’s no avoiding it any longer – it’s time to step up to the pitch and seal the deal.

Tenders are incredibly important business opportunities. In a crowded market with limited functionality, there may not be much between different bidders in terms of technical specification. Instead, it can come down to how well you present yourself, your business and your idea. Here are our top tips for delivering the perfect pitch that seals the deal.

Create theatre

People connect with people. As such, a pitch is essentially theatre – a live performance that needs rehearsing and (sometimes) careful scripting.

Put the time into getting it right. Science suggests that when people listen to a story that they connect to, a whole host of brain functions kick in that leave people feeling uplifted and empathetic. Take advantage of this and use stories, anecdotes and case studies to bring your material to life.

Bring the proposition to life with visuals, animations, video, and infographics

It’s not easy to stand in a corporate boardroom and paint a picture of wild and beautiful ideas. At least, it isn’t if you haven’t prepared.

Invest resources in creating video, visuals and 3D animations that clearly explain your ideas and you’ll ensure your audience can easily appreciate the benefits of your bid. Here’s how we made it work for Babcock’s LFB bid.

Get your point across in a clear and convincing way

Don’t try and prove how wonderful you are. Prove how you will meet your customer’s needs. Explain what you see as the problem, exactly how you will solve it and the benefits they will see.

It’s important for your potential customers to understand who they would be working with, but keep the client at the center of the discussion.

You also need to be professional in your timekeeping and management. It’s vital to finish on time and summarise your bid before you close for questions. Give a quick overview of the key points of your proposition and make it clear why your idea is the right choice.

Stand out from the crowd and be memorable

There’s a fine line between famous and infamous. You need to create a presentation that people will remember while keeping your professional wits about you. Well-placed jokes are fine, but not too many (you’re a serious bidder after all).

What you’ll actually be remembered for is your research. Do the legwork, go above and beyond what’s needed and be ready for difficult questions – you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

If you need some help standing out from the crowd, get in touch.