Five Ways That Gamification Could Boost Your Business

The business world often feels like a very serious place, and for the most part that’s a good thing. With so many things to think about, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture, ensuring that your staff and customers remain fully engaged in what you are doing.

Fortunately, one key trend can bring a bit of fun back to business. It’s named gamification!

A host of benefits

In basic terms, gamification is about applying game mechanics to non-game situations, with the aim often being to boost engagement and interest from a chosen audience — the mechanics which could be used range from points scoring to rewarding consumers when they engage or react to content.

The concept has become hugely popular in the business world, as the tactics are effective at:

  • Capturing the attention of individuals
  • Engaging and entertaining
  • Building a sense of competition
  • Making people feel a sense of achievement
  • Creating an immersive learning experience.

But what are the practical ways that you could adopt gamification in your organisation?

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Check out our five simple examples of bringing the concept into play.

1. Induction programs

Joining a new company can be daunting, and the induction process can often be a long and painstaking one, especially if you have a complicated business model. However, using gamification techniques could keep the process engaging and also give new employees a positive first impression of your business.

Why not introduce a system which encourages new starters to seek out information or tackle challenges that boost their understanding of the company? Perhaps include a platform-based approach that walks through the departments, group businesses, product ranges, and critical audiences.

2. Training and development

Gamification can apply to more than just new employees, however. Take steps to retain your best talent by introducing elements that keep them motivated to boost their learning and engaged in your brand’s message. Which could include:

  • Challenges (learning objectives)
  • Levels (learning path)
  • Instant feedback (to support progress)
  • Scores or Points (accomplishment and gratification)
  • Badges (achievements)
  • Leaderboards (adoption)
  • Competition (build a sense of)
  • Collaboration (when multiple teams play).
  • Why not reward staff who are actively seeking to develop their professional skills?

3. Compliance adoption

Ensuring your employees are up to speed on the latest regulations is necessary, but can often be a relatively dry process.

Introducing some game mechanics either to an online training module or to an overall compliance scheme may not only encourage individuals to stay updated on developments but also challenge their colleagues to do the same.

Gamification works well for remote or field teams as they can work through programs at their own pace and without the need to bring them to a central location.

4. Loyalty programs

Gamification for reward and loyalty schemes are popular and can be useful in several ways.

Not only can they encourage customers or clients to use your services regularly, but they can also keep employees engaged and feel like their contribution to the business is appropriately valued.

5. Brand awareness

Consumer brands have been using games to promote themselves for a while now with great results. It can help change perceptions, lengthen the amount of time your audience spend engaging with your brand and open you up to a whole new global audience when combined with a targeted social strategy.

Businesses must consider a host of issues on a daily basis but ensuring that your customers and your workforce are engaged and productive is usually pretty high on the agenda.

Gamification is a useful way to do this in a fun and stress-free way. Get in touch to see how you could use gamification to bring a little joy into your business.