Top 10 tips to maximise your brief

We’ve been part of thousands of projects that have required many different needs and skills to come together to wow our clients and their senior stakeholders. 

Avoid stress, unnecessary costs and wasted time in your projects by following our top 10 tips to get the best results from your brief.

1. Collaborate

Your agency won’t know everything about your culture, business, products and objectives. Likewise, they will have a great deal of industry and practical knowledge that you may not be aware of. Working collaboratively on the brief from the very beginning will make a big difference in the outcome and experience of delivering a project.

2. Agree on delivery schedules

All agencies offer creativity, but great agencies deliver creativity on time and on budget. Agreeing on deadlines, stakeholder sign-offs and implementation schedules from the outset means adequate time and resources can be allocated.

3. Give creativity some room to breathe

We’re in an on-demand world but asking someone to do something in half the time means you should expect half the result. Creativity needs some time to come to life.

4. Share your motivation

Explain why you’re doing it, what you want to avoid and what your desired outcomes are. Your agency will help accommodate this and support improved results.

5. If you have a budget, be clear about it

If you have a budget in mind, share it. A good agency will find a solution that best satisfies the objectives for that budget. Not sharing the budget will impact on your valuable time, cause frustration and not provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

6. Tell your agency if you’re pitching for budget

If you don’t have a budget and you need to base it on the strength of a proposal, tell your agency. A good one will provide alternative solutions at different cost points, alongside presenting the pros and cons, allowing you to make informed decisions.

7. Think about the creative output you need

Wide briefs will give you a creative idea, but they are likely to go back and forth through revisions. A detailed tight brief will get you exactly what you need quickly. Different projects will need varying amounts of creative thinking.

8. Ensure alignment

It’s crucial that your agency understands what you want and need. Have the awkward conversation to review the concepts and be clear about the output you need. Open, candid communication is always best in the fast-paced world.

9. Consolidate feedback

We know how difficult it is to manage stakeholders and we appreciate the stress and hassle that comes with it. However, a little less haste brings more speed in the long run. Ensure the feedback is final and reduce the versions, frustrations and most importantly your cost.

10. Invest in the brief

The better the brief, the better the output – we promise! We’ve all heard the ‘cheap, fast, good’ equation. Let’s be honest, it is true (with the very, very rare exception).

Here at the Outlook Creative Group, we proactively work with our clients to ensure they always get great results with minimal stress on their time and budget.

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