Top 10 event activities and innovations

If you’re looking to get more value from your events, we’ve done it all. Our team are experts in delivering memorable and engaging experiences that extend the shelf life of your messaging beyond the event itself.

Check out our top 10 event activities and innovations to inspire your next event.

1. Live streaming

Engage a larger audience by live streaming your event to participants who couldn’t attend or for a closed room event that streams out to its full audience.

Before the event: Promote your live stream before the event with a teaser trailer that includes details of the event for participants to subscribe. A streaming link can then be sent out to attendees 48 hours before you go live within an e-flyer or posted on to a social media platform.

During the event: Subscribers are sent a reminder that the stream will go live. Once they click on the link, they can access the live stream and enter the event. For further engagement, you can provide them with the option to post questions during the live event.

After the event: Get the most out of your investment by posting the full footage or selected highlights online or internally for delegates to rewatch and share.

Check out our live event capture service.

2. Real-world role play

Professional actors bring realism to an artificial situation during your event. This may be during assessments, training, developments, simulations/scenarios or just for fun.

A unique way of getting your delegates involved is to invite them to act out potential real-life situations in an office environment to learn and discuss how to deal with challenges.

3. Table microphones and CatchBox

Table microphones allow your audience to ask presenters questions immediately and at the touch of a button. Rather than waiting for a host to struggle through tight tables with a mic, it allows delegates to ask their questions more freely. The microphones are still controlled via a sound desk.

Another option is CatchBox, a soft foam square with an inbuilt mic to the centre of it. Instead of having to wait for the mic to ‘walk’ to the delegate, why not have someone throw it?

4. Live artist (or turn your delegates into artists!)

Use live visual artists to scribe what they see and hear during a conference. On a 2m canvas, the artist can create stylish caricatures that highlight the main topics of conversation. After the event, you have the option to take this piece away and install in your offices or have a smaller version printed.

Another option is to install a blank canvas outlining the event’s theme or brand logo and let the delegates add their contributions.

5. Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology is a new approach to events through an agenda- and technology-free forum designed to encourage discussion and problem-solving. With a robust pre-defined theme, the leader facilitates parallel working sessions and discussions, controlling the timings and flow of information.

6. Virtual and augmented reality

As two of the hottest trends in events, virtual and augmented reality technology is continuously evolving and changing to keep up with its audience. Virtual reality offers a personal experience, separating the delegate from the real world by a headset, while augmented reality is incorporated into the broader event itself.

Stand out from the crowd by offering your delegates interactive experiences to promote your brand, product or message.

7. Group orchestra

Always well-received by delegates, your event can include a musical collaboration exercise. Your representatives are split into smaller groups to each learn a small music part (on violin, drums, brass, etc.). They then come back together to form a collective orchestra with assistance from professional musicians. This principle can be applied to other musical genres or other activities where parts come together to make the whole.

Our Video team can be on site to capture their learning and the final product, which can be shared on social platforms and internal comms.

8. Unique venues

There is an increased demand for venues that are unique and stand out from your standard conference hotel with awful carpet. Enhance your event’s impact by using a venue that reflects the theme, whether that’s technology and innovation or something grand and high profile. The venue could even be a blank canvas they can be transformed completely.

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9. Content enhancement

Presentations are a presenter’s primary tool to engage, inform and interact with their audience. Many presenters are veering away from death by PowerPoint and more of a TED-like presentation with great imagery, which is more impactful and memorable. Keeping an audience engaged during a presentation is key to ensuring they walk away with your message!

10. Event apps

Event apps now enable a delegate to have all of the information they need at the swipe of a finger. Systems such as Ignite Response (our event app) allow delegates to interact seamlessly with presenters, panels and each other.

Utilise event apps for obtaining post-event feedback. We’ve seen an increase of up to 80% in returned forms when they are done electronically on a tablet.

If you need some help with ideas or a venue for your next event, give us a call.