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Case Study

TyreSafe Animations

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  • Video Production


TyreSafe is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres. Their aim is to reduce the number of tyre-related incidents on Britain’s roads.

The Brief

TyreSafe’s “Safe and Save” campaign aims to educate and empower motorists to prioritise tyre safety by promoting how being safe on the roads can help save money. With Tyre Safety Month fast approaching, TyreSafe wanted our Moving Image experts’ help to create a set of five animated videos to promote the campaign’s message in an impactful way on social media.

It's all in the details

“Safe and Save” uses humour as its vehicle to capture attention and encourage people to take a proactive stance on tyre safety, comparing ‘real-life’ savings achieved by performing tyre checks with counterproductive and ineffective ‘hacks’.

Our creative teams were challenged to think up new tongue-in-cheek scenarios that found the right balance between being playful and communicating the importance of road safety — and bring their animation A-game to bring the storytelling to life!

The solution

Our Producer and Senior Motion Graphics Designer wasted no time getting started on the storyboarding and scripting to help the animations take shape. Working in close collaboration with the team at Tyresafe, we finalised the five scenarios — from bad haircuts to the dangers of cheap binbags — to tell the story of how “compromising safety is a false economy” in a fun and relatable way.

To achieve an attention-grabbing look and feel, our animation experts suggested layering eye-catching images, sourced from Shutterstock, in a collage-like style — to great effect! The visuals were then complemented by a professional voiceover artist, sourced by our Producer, who perfectly captured the fun-yet-important tone of the wider campaign.


The team at TyreSafe were delighted with the animations, our creative approach to them, and the speed with which we got them delivered — right on time for Tyre Safety Month!

Thanks so much – we are really happy with the execution of them. Thank you again for your speed in getting this turned around for us.

Marketing Director, TyreSafe