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Case Study

Stapletons - Nexen Tyres Social Content

  • Video Production


Nexen Tyres are a global, award-winning manufacturer of high quality tyres and is a leading brand name in the domestic tyre industry.

The Brief

To produce three videos that underpin Nexen’s role in the Tyre market, with the help of a famous face!

It's all in the details

Our objective was to show to the versatility of the Nexen’s brand in a way that was both informative and engaging. To achieve this, we decided to produce three videos that would cover Nexen Tyres, Tyre Safety, and Weather Durability.

The solution

The team lead a two-day shoot in Wiltshire alongside the Stapleton’s team and Harry Redknapp, producing three videos that played on the above concepts – with various comedic twists! We used SFX to create weather worn-worn looks for Harry and worked closely with Nexen to showcase the range and sustainability of their products.


We worked in the edit to ensure our colour-grade really channeled the upbeat, positive outlook of the videos. We also worked to add some animation graphics with the aim of engaging our tyre safety instructions with the products themselves.

What an amazing weekend! I’m sure I can say on behalf of us all, we are still buzzing from what had taken place. It was a pleasure to work with you all, just a great group of people to be around. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the first cuts!