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Case Study

Proto-Col - Product Launch Video

  • Animation
  • Video Production


Proto-col is passionate about collagen and its proven ability to enhance the natural ageing process and support overall health and wellbeing.

The Brief

To provide a creative solution and launch video for their latest product ‘Complete Collagen’. Convenient, small, daily sachets were a real key focus for this concept development and brand awareness. Proto-col wanted to explore and leverage Outlook’s 3D product design experience to visualise the packaging. Creating a glossy, aspirational reveal for ‘Complete Collagen’ while enforcing the health benefits and fresh, citrus flavour!

It's all in the details

The ability to develop and extend social content was critical to the brief. That 3D product design could be re-used to create additional formats; so that the launch could continue to generate traction online.

The solution

We suggested a lifestyle-focused creative. To showcase and celebrate a select few scenarios with women that are motivated, energetic and healthy! Women whose ‘best-kept secret’ is a product that helps maintain the lifestyle and wellbeing they have created for themselves. We recognised that social audiences are both realistic and sceptical of ‘transformational’ products; this creative was intended to be upbeat, fun and straight-talking.


A flagship launch video, with layouts in both 16:9 and social media formats, supporting high res photography and 3D product design to set the external tone of the ‘Complete Collagen’ brand for future promotion.