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Case Study

Phonak Lumity Teaser

  • Motion Graphics
  • Promotional Animation
  • Video Production


Phonak are world-leading pioneers in hearing solutions. They communicate with a global audience, and continually challenge the limits of technology to help overcome even the most difficult hearing situations.

Driven by a philosophy of Well-Hearing is Well-Being, their innovative work empowers hearing aid users throughout the world to live a fuller life.

The Brief

Phonak wanted a 60-second video to stimulate interest and create a buzz ahead of the release of their new Audéo™ Lumity hearing aids. The video would be split into two parts: a teaser, followed by a reveal.

The solution needed to be innovative and premium-looking to showcase this industry-leading product in a fitting way. Our Moving Image team’s experience and expertise was required to create an 3D visual environment that would be the first of its kind for Phonak.

It's all in the details

Phonak supplied the team with a 3D model, from which every frame would be built. Our Moving Image team’s rendering skills were called upon to make this 3D model as hi-res as possible, ensuring that the overall look and feel reflected the quality of the product.

Armed with the 3D model and the brief, the team set to work crafting an effective, minimalist solution that was distinctly Phonak. The Audéo™ Lumity campaign slogan is: ‘Conversations shine with Lumity’. Inspired by this, the team mapped out a storyboard that reflected the fact that, when you can hear and understand the conversations around you, it can ‘illuminate your whole world’.

The solution

Phonak provided our animation specialists with an advert from a well-known supercar brand as an example of the direction they wanted their video to take. Of course, a hearing aid is much smaller than a car – the team did what they do best, taking inspiration from this example to propose a budget-friendly creative solution that was spot on for the size and style of the product being promoted.

To capture the ‘illumination’ theme, our Lead Motion Graphics Designers used lighting throughout the video to striking effect. The video starts in darkness, punctuated only by the hearing aid’s distinctive green light. A real sense of mystery is created, before the full reveal transforms the visual environment into a bright, clean space that truly allows the product to shine.

The team also incorporated a variety of textures to enhance the video’s innovative 3D approach and create a tactile look and feel. Phonak’s own audio provided the finishing touch, establishing an upbeat soundscape that perfectly complemented the visual narrative.

To ensure the solution was as impactful for Phonak’s campaign as possible, the team created multiple adaptations of the main animation in different ratios. These adaptations, including a looped version to be played at the beginning of meetings, were specially designed for various devices and social media platforms, providing the flexibility required to suit the client’s diverse needs.


Our Moving Image team transformed the brief into a 3D animated video solution that created the perfect visual showcase for this industry-leading product, effectively communicating the impact Phonak Audéo™ Lumity hearing aids have on improving speech understanding for hearing aid users around the world.

Having formed a brilliant collaborative relationship with Phonak from the get-go, the process from concept to delivery went smoothly, resulting in a premium solution that was minimalist, clean, and innovative.

It was great collaborating with Outlook on this project. We're really happy with the end result and the feedback has been tremendous

Launch Manager, Phonak