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Phonak – B2B Infographics

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Phonak are world-leading pioneers in hearing solutions. They communicate with a global audience, and continually challenge the limits of technology to help overcome even the most difficult hearing situations.

Driven by a philosophy of Well-Hearing is Well-Being, their innovative work empowers hearing aid users across the globe to live a fuller life.

The Brief

Our client needed a collection of eye-catching designed assets to communicate a range of messages to their B2B customers around the world. This content ranged from a guide to water protection when wearing Phonak products, to recent manufacturing improvements and market trends.

Phonak’s work is ground-breaking and technologically complex, which means there are often several layers to the messaging. Our longstanding history of working with global healthcare brands makes us perfect partners; we have a proven track record of interpreting complicated technical subjects and presenting them in a visually engaging and user-friendly way.

It's all in the details

This project was made up of three parts. The first was five infographics, each of which needed to deliver a different message. The messaging here was particularly complex, and required our Design team’s expertise to visualise it in a way that made the user takeaway unmistakably clear for a global audience.

While these infographics utilised Phonak’s old branding, the other two parts of the project would need to adopt the newer, recently updated branding which introduces a broader colour palette and updated iconography. These were wordy, text-heavy pieces, which needed to be brought to life with vibrant and exciting graphics.

As these assets were for a B2B audience to help them share information about Phonak’s products with their customers, it was crucial that the messaging remained as clear as possible throughout. Our Design team made it their mission to do just that.

The solution

This was a real collaborative effort from the get-go. Our Art Director worked alongside our artworkers to come up with a series of layouts that successfully visualised the information in an easily digestible way. The team then worked their magic, using techniques including layering and icon creation to deliver a series of engaging infographics.

Our in-house copywriter worked closely with the Design team, transforming the technical messaging into punchy copy that worked in perfect harmony with the visual style.

The finished product reflected the team’s expert understanding of Phonak’s striking and instantly recognisable branding – old and new.


The team demonstrated their proven ability to interpret complicated technical subjects and created a series of digestible, visually appealing, and on-brand infographics.

Phonak were delighted with both the result and our agile and creative approach: the journey from brief to solution was incredibly smooth.

The infographics look really good. Thank you again.

Senior Audiology Manager - Phonak