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MINT - Website

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MINT Commercial Services provides bespoke commercial services to Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire police forces and other public sector clients.

The Brief

To design and develop branding for the new company (MINT) and as part of the brand collateral, we designed and delivered the website, PowerPoint presentation and digital documentation templates, stationery and business cards.

It's all in the details

The MINT team is a new experienced, innovative and dynamic team with an excellent service offering founded on four key pillars of adding value, reducing cost, greater use of public spend, and using multiple unique solutions.

The solution

Having spent time with the Leadership team at MINT, we wanted to design a fresh brand in the marketplace. We visually represented the straightforward, innovative and dynamic approach the Mint team take with their customers to deliver the most valuable outcomes.

It was also essential to help set the new brand apart from their competitors’ existing approach, which tended to be very copy heavy, basic in styling and layout and less visual.

Central to the design was using the formula as central to reinforcing the strapline and overall proposition. The + was used within the logomark and a dark blue background enabled us to offset zingy accent colours to draw attention to the critical usp and overarching formula for the business.

The design was kept clean and uncluttered with lots of breathing space, and fresh contemporary illustrations help visual frameworks and services where required.

The actual formula symbols are used as watermarks and icons across the branding collateral to keep the visual consistency of the messaging.


A brand that is entirely in sync with the team and ethos it represents and that presents a fresh perspective on procurement services in this sector.