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Case Study

HelloFresh Shopping Centre Relaunch

  • Branding
  • Exhibition Stand
  • Project Management


HelloFresh is the most popular meal kit company in the world. They aim to provide households with wholesome, homemade meals delivered straight to the door – no shopping and no hassle.

The Brief

To create a 3m x 3m Shopping Centre Stand to showcase the key messaging of the benefits of HelloFresh in the form of convenience, quality, and variety.

It's all in the details

The key goal was to educate and recruit new customers through a journey of discovery. The stand needed to reflect the new HelloFresh branding in addition to the consideration of creating a stand that is covid secure to follow government guidelines.

The solution

The shape and form of the stand were as vital as the messaging and graphics to achieve maximum public interest.

The HelloFresh box itself is iconic. For customers, this is their first touchpoint of the brand when they order. Seeing the box inspires a sense of curiosity and excitement to see what’s inside. We harnessed that emotion by using a clustered formation of boxes.

Using a cluster design instead of one big rectangular unit enabled us to show a larger variety of graphics and targeted messaging; we wanted to embrace the joy of discovery by producing a stand that is rich in detail and creates intrigue and curiosity.

The magic of HelloFresh is the box of ingredients, that you may not be entirely familiar with, coming to life to form a delicious dish for you and your family. We wanted to hero that process within the design and graphics of the stand.

We were also aware that this could be one of their first public outings for a lot of shoppers since lockdown, so we went above and beyond from a covid-safety perspective. We needed to create a visually safe and welcoming stand that prospective new clients felt relaxed enough to stop by and have a conversation.


The target demographic were shoppers who were primarily shopping for non-food items. These shoppers would not be intentionally considering purchasing a food delivery service when walking through a shopping centre.

It was therefore imperative that the stand be visually intriguing from all angles. We needed to inspire curiosity within the average shopper to attract them to the stand.

The solution compelled shoppers to stop and look at the stand, but it also resulted in them speaking to the sales staff to find out more and signing up for introductory subscriptions.

Thank you to The Outlook Creative Group for their support developing a stand that facilitated both a dynamic and safe sign up process for our customers as shopping centres reopen. Great to see our first stand of 2021 come to life (and with a quick turnaround!) It’s been a great morning interacting with both new and existing customers and we’re looking forward to more events in 2021.

Charlotte Lovell, Field Marketing Executive, HelloFresh UK