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Case Study

Global Medtech Leader - Mobile App

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A long-term, global MedTech client needed Outlook’s support to find a creative way of boosting engagement in their sales teams internationally. With some new products on the way, they wanted to ensure that had both the knowledge they needed, but also felt engaged and enthused about selling!

The Brief

Starting with a blank piece of paper, Outlook’s creative team were challenged to come up with fun and different ways to engage with a fragmented sales force who were distributed all over Europe.

We suggested a selection of ideas that would deliver not only a sense of friendly competition across and between its international bases but also build engagement and support company and product knowledge.

It's all in the details

After collaborating with a cross-functional team, which included stakeholders from Marcomms, IT, security, legal and L&D, we landed on a mobile-first gamification app built using HTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. The app build needed to incorporate high levels of automation, excellent user-experience and measure the success of the staff that took part.

The solution

The app, which was built to work on both IOS and Android devices, included security measures that ensured only the correct people were able to access it through an authenticated registration process.

The content, which included text, video and picture questions, would automatically update with weekly quizzes for an initial 12-week period and would overcome issues around remote access, security and competition between different time zones.

A leaderboard was also developed to encourage friendly competition, showcasing the highest scoring individuals and countries and enabled the individual to personalise their profile with an avatar or picture.

To build a sense of urgency when playing, the game’s point system not only measured the accuracy but the speed in which each answer was given. The quicker they are, the more points they will receive.

To re-engage players, we included a countdown feature to prepare them for the release of the next round, which helps reduce engagement drop off.


A very successful project launched across multiple offices and locations globally. Resulting in more than 90 salespeople completing all 12 quizzes, across 25 different countries and created more than 50 additional sales calls.