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Glencar Construction - Website

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Glencar Construction is a contractor specialising in creating high-quality turnkey facilities in partnership with some of the UK’s leading developers, occupiers, retailers and logistics businesses.

The Brief

The redesign, development and hosting of the website make it more contemporary, premium, future proof and reflective of the size and ambition of the company and the level of work and clients within its portfolio.

It's all in the details

To give the company more visual kudos and scale within their market, we felt it essential that the website was much more visually lead.  We utilised full-screen imagery and full-screen video content to showcase the site’s breadth, scale, and quality.  We combined this with the parallax scroll animations as a user moves down the page to give the website a sense of movement and exploration.

The solution

Outlook worked closely with the key Glencar stakeholders and marketing team to design a mobile-friendly website that took design cues from the dynamic forward motion within the diamond shapes used elsewhere in the brand collateral.  As a device, this gave us a much more dynamic solution to display content within and an engaging transition to reveal content as a user scrolls down the page.

The site was built on a WordPress platform with CMS to enable the client to administer the sites content moving forward fully and the flexibility and option to continue to enhance the site and its content and performance in line with Glencar’s future growth plans.


A website that has not only met the original brief but gained positive feedback from Glencar’s customers, suppliers and team within the marketplace.