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Case Study

EP Event Services - Park Live Promotional Animation

  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Launch
  • Promotional Animation


EP provides bespoke event service solutions, across the UK, for large and small scale events and venues including Event Personnel, Traffic Management, Health & Safety, Security, Site Services and Car Parking.

The Brief

To design and produce a promotional film that communicates the benefits of the real-time traffic management app and demonstrates the ease of use of the system.

It's all in the details

Key to the solution was the design and creation of a bespoke user-friendly 2D illustrative world, whereby we were able to visualise, as an example, speed of entry into venues, with call-outs showing the added benefit in terms of security and inventory control.

The solution

It was clear, having assessed the app’s interface, functionality, usability and target audience, that the best way of effectively communicating the benefits to potential customers was to take the audience on a highly stylised journey into a venue’s parking facilities. We visualised how the app is used and the benefits it will deliver at critical touchpoints.


The animation delivered a successful overview of the app, supporting sales teams in the promotion of the product in the marketplace in an engaging, informative and easy-to-digest way.

We are really pleased with the animation. Outlook were able to visualise the benefits of our application to aid our sales process

Director of Operations