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EDF - Socio Economic Report

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EDF Energy is the UK’s largest supplier of low-carbon electricity and a household name in the energy sector. Their innovative Hinkley Point C site is the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations with the potential to provide Britain with clean, reliable and home-grown electricity into the next century.

The Brief

EDF are determined that the power station’s legacy will not only be its quality, but the scale of the positive socio-economic impact made during its construction:

“Giving people better skills is essential if we are to increase productivity and prosperity in Britain. Hinkley Point C is a case study in how it can be done.” — Stuart Crookes, Managing Director, Hinkley Point C

To communicate exactly how they are achieving this legacy, EDF produce an annual report consisting of data, stats, and the stories of people who have benefitted from the opportunities the site provides. With such a breadth of elements to showcase, the look and feel needed to strike the perfect balance — enhancing this sense of diversity while also creating an engaging, unified design.

Cue: our design experts!

It's all in the details

The largest construction site in Europe, Hinkley Point C is dynamic and ever-changing by nature. Having collaborated with EDF on this report since 2018, our approach has come to mirror that of EDF at the site itself: adaptability and continuous improvement.

The design would therefore need to capture the familiarity of previous reports to create that sense of progression, while also being the most attention-grabbing version yet. True to form, our creative teams had plenty of ideas to bring to the table on how to go about this!

The solution

The report’s readership ranges from ministers and local officials to staff and members of the local community, so accessibility was key. Paying close attention to the brand guidelines, our Account Manager worked closely with the team at EDF to keep the copy concise, punchy and meaningful while our Designers incorporated big, impactful imagery and bold headlines to enhance the report’s digestibility. The team also transformed the report’s data into eye-catching infographics.

Each content element was ‘categorised’ with its own distinctive style and format, which effectively captured the diversity of the report’s content and emulated the dynamism of Hinkley Point C itself. To ensure ease of interaction, our Designer created a clear and simple navigation for the iPDF.

The content itself was also designed in a repurposeable way — from headers for EDF’s website to GIFs for social media — all of which helped boost the report’s reach and impact.


The final result was a brilliant showcase of the depth of understanding between us and the team at EDF, who were delighted with the sense of progression the latest report achieves.