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Case Study

Daimler Fleet Management - Educational Animation

  • Animation
  • Informatics
  • Motion Graphics


We worked with Daimler Fleet Management to create an informatic animation to educate the target audience on the upcoming WLTP legislation.

The Brief

Daimler Fleet Management was keen to produce an educational film that they could use across all social media channels to inform their existing customers and the wider audience, about the impact of the new WLTP legislation.

It's all in the details

We worked with Daimler Fleet Management to fully understand the impact of WLTP, the pros, cons, and timescales before creating a storyboard and narrative for approval before commencing with the creative response.

The solution

As the film was not directly promoting Daimler Fleet Management, we designed a more generic solution that could be distributed and shared as useful informatics. The intention was that Daimler Fleet Management would benefit from the more subtle brand exposure and from providing useful content to its target audience.


The result was an engaging animation that has been successfully shared and liked across social media and has delivered the traction and exposure Daimler Fleet Management were ultimately looking for.