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Case Study

Bodyvision - Branding

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Body Vision provides truly sustainable weight loss, using simple and satisfying methods to make weight loss permanent.

The Brief

We were asked to help BodyVision refresh their branding to give it a more contemporary and dynamic visual feel in line with the current fitness industry trends.

It's all in the details

Our creative and design teams worked closely with the team at BodyVision to ensure we captured the spirit and vision for the business in the new branding. Time was invested in competitor analysis, market trends and the target audience to ensure the new branding would reflect the business goals and values moving forward.

The solution

Vibrant energised colourful imagery, textures and motion were embraced as key graphical assets in the brand solution to really bring the logo to life. The logo itself was an evolution rather than a radical departure with tweaks made to the font, height of the ‘triangle’ graphic devices and kerning to give the logo a sleeker more dynamic appearance.


The application of the new branding to the sales and marketing collateral, website, app and the proposed merchandise really moved the brand and proposition forward into a more professional contemporary fitness space.

We worked very closely with the Outlook design team to develop the new branding. This is my baby and I am very passionate about my brand and Outlook exceeded my expectations in delivering a solution that I love and more importantly my members and target audience can relate to and want to be part of

Simon – BodyVision Managing Director