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Advanced Bionics - Product Video

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Advanced Bionics provides the world’s most advanced cochlear implant systems; helping those who are affected by hearing loss, experience the joy of sound for the first time.

The Brief

Advanced Bionics approached us with the need to create video content to use across online platforms. This content needed to communicate to two types of audiences; those with hearing loss and the hearing care professionals equally.

The goal was to produce content that shows the highly positive personal experience of patient testimonials, which would be supported by the hearing care professionals discussing the features and benefits of the Advanced Bionic cochlear implant.

It's all in the details

In order to ensure that the content was produced efficiently and effectively, we responded by filming two pieces, in two different locations, on the same day. One film crew would be sent to Oxfordshire to capture a patient case study and the other team would be sent to Southampton to capture hearing care professionals’ opinions on the cochlear implant hearing aids at a congress.

Both crews, although filming the discussion of the same product and topic, captured multiple opinions, feelings, and emotions, from differing viewpoints.

The patient case study would feature as the main piece, recording real-life patient testimony, focusing on the human story, including the positive impact on the life and relationship because of the cochlear implant.

To mirror this, the footage of the hearing care professionals showed opinions from the medical professional’s community.

The solution

We worked with Advanced Bionics to maximise the opportunity of capturing two sets of footage on the same day, from two different locations.

This resulted in us being able to squeeze value out of the content and consequently increase the overall potential of each shoot. This meant we were able to produce multiple content edits, focusing on specific features and topics; allowing Advanced Bionics to distribute these accordingly.

We combined the feelings and emotions from the patient testimonials with the technical evaluation of the product by practitioners, allowing for a cohesive and unified content.


We produced nine edits for use on social, website and expanding the reach of captivated material beyond a single output, driving value out of one single project and one day of filming.

We worked with Advanced Bionics to produce content that is harmonious with their culture; to help those who are affected by hearing loss experience the joy of sound for the first time.

We chose to work with Outlook because they have experience working with Medical Device companies and understood our need for the content to be authentic & emotionally compelling. They were able to pull the project together on short notice and deliver us a very professional result that has driven engagement online. I would recommend them to others who are looking to develop digital media

Jane Bevan - Senior Manager of Education